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MIBS requires focus — so our training is focused on you, with private surgeon-to-surgeon sessions or micro-groups based on your needs. Learn time-tested, reproducible techniques that flatten the learning curve, with insights that help you succeed in ways others simply can't.

With three national locales and our surgeon-leaders invested in your success, it's an educational opportunity like no other.

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Dr. Eric Baskin, DPM

Director of Surgeon Training

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Dr. Lawrence DiDomenico, DPM

Director of Medical Education

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Dr. Neal Blitz, DPM

Founder + CEO

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Dr. Joanna Ayoub holds the Voom console:

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Elite training for reproducible results.

Robust education and hands-on practice

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Certified qualifications and our patient-trusted mark

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What Surgeons are Saying

“I was skeptical about MIBS, but the Bunionplasty® procedure is an undeniable advancement. I'm a believer now.“

Dr. Bob Baravarian, DPM

Chief of Podiatric Surgery,

Santa Monica/UCLA Medical Center

Doctor is a paid consultant of Voom Medical Devices, Inc.

Dr. Bob Baravarian trains with Dr. Bogdan Grecea.
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Your patients deserve the best, and so do you. And because minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS) is easier said than done, when you join our team, we'll give you direct access to the pioneers and innovators who can help you achieve reproducible results. Our community is here to support you with the education and mentoring needed to take the next step in your career, so apply today.

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