The no-fusion bunion solution™.

The no-fusion bunion solution 

Get patients back on their feet fast.

At Voom, we believe in treating human beings, not just feet. That's why we develop fusion-free solutions for the surgical repair of bunions — to preserve range of motion and improve quality of life. Cutting-edge technology and revolutionary techniques. Training and support to optimize surgical efficiency. With streamlined recoveries and a focus on outcomes, we help you get patients back on their feet fast.

That's what it means to Voom.

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The only patented MIBS screw lines.

It’s revolutionary: our non-compression bone screw system includes the dual-zone, single-screw solution for minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS).

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Revcon™ minimally invasive screw. Patented design for enhanced healing.
Top Features
Neutral Pitch
Reverse Conical Contour
Beveled Headless Screw

The revolutionary, proprietary procedure.

Get patients back on their feet fast, with proprietary surgical methods that help achieve consistent results.

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Bunionplasty. Revolutionary procedure for faster recoveries.
Primary Benefits
Minimally Invasive
No Fusion
Bone Regeneration

The combination of the Revcon screw system and the revolutionary techniques used in the Bunionplasty® procedure sets a new standard in minimally invasive bone and bunion surgery.

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Advancing solutions. Improving outcomes.

Voom is an orthopedic medical device and surgical innovation company. We design at the intersection of products and procedures, building on a foundation of proven technologies, methods, and practices. Voom is backed by decades of experience across thousands of procedures performed. With a focus on minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS) and foot and ankle procedures, Voom delivers smarter solutions for surgeons and patients alike.

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Woman walking immediately after minimally invasive bunion surgery.
Woman walking immediately after minimally invasive bunion surgery.
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