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Voom™ Medical Devices’ Revcon™ Anchor Single Screw™ Named First on Podiatry Today’s 2024 Top 10 Innovations 

July 03, 2024Business Wire

Voom™ Technology Named First on Podiatry Today Top 10 Innovations List

NEW YORK, NY — Business Wire — July 03, 2024 — Voom™ Medical Devices, Inc. ("Voom"), the orthopedic medical device company behind the disruptive, game-changing Revcon™ bunion screw technology, is honored to be named first on Podiatry Today’s 2024 Top 10 Innovations list.

Voom’s one-of-a-kind minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS) solution was recognized in the annual innovations report by the profession’s leading direct-to-doctor publication, which is dedicated to amplifying podiatry’s most exciting clinical advancements.

The patented dual-zone screw technology features alternating non-compressive thread pitches targeted to the cortical and cancellous regions of the metatarsal, helping to optimize fixation with a Single Screw™ and reduce OR times. The system also includes a guide for best practices in performing the proprietary Transveron™ osteotomy, achieving correct screw placement, and navigating common challenges in MIBS.

“This system and the Single Screw™ technology that allows correction of bunions of all sizes are the reason I’ve abandoned archaic Lapidus bunionectomy, in favor of the minimally invasive Bunionplasty® procedure,” notes Voom’s Director of Medical Education, Lawrence DiDomenico, DPM, who was interviewed for the Podiatry Today report.

Dr. DiDomenico’s name and career were once synonymous with the more traditional Lapidus approach; however, he changed course after discovering the novel advantages of Voom’s technology and techniques, which are helping MIBS become the fastest-growing segment of podiatric surgery. “Together with Voom’s gold-standard, one-on-one, surgeon-to-surgeon training program,” Dr. DiDomenico continues, “this technology cuts the learning curve and makes it easy for surgeons to replicate the procedure with confidence.”

“Voom™ is honored to receive this recognition from Podiatry Today, one of our profession’s leading publications. It represents a true win – not only for podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons, but for their patients,” says Dr. Neal Blitz, DPM, FACFAS, Voom™ Founder and CEO, and creator of the Revcon™ Anchor Single Screw™ technology and Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure.

“As patients demand a minimally invasive bunion solution, our team is proud to be leading the way and influencing the industry, but we’re practitioners first and foremost,” continues Dr. Blitz. “I’m thrilled to see esteemed surgeons like Dr. Bob Baravarian, DPM, who was quoted in the feature article, using this platform to credit his amazing outcomes to our technology, and to reach the many surgeons who are hungry for reproducible MIBS approaches, training, and the support to succeed.”

Read the Podiatry Today cover feature here, and learn more at www.voomdevices.com.

About Voom Medical Devices, Inc.

Voom Medical Devices, Inc. is a rapidly growing orthopedic medical device company specializing in innovative solutions for minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS). Founded in 2018, Voom is committed to advancing fusion-free bunion solutions, promoting surgical innovation, and ensuring the highest quality of patient care. Visit www.voomdevices.com to learn more.

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