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Voom Medical Devices Welcomes Dr. Joël Vernois as Advisor and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery (JMIBS) 

February 01, 2024Business Wire

Voom Medical Devices Welcomes Dr. Joël Vernois as Advisor and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery (JMIBS)

NEW YORK, NY — Business Wire — February 01, 2024 — Voom™ Medical Devices, Inc. ("Voom"), a visionary medical device company focused on new paradigms in minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS), is honored to announce that Dr. Joël Vernois has joined the Voom leadership team as an advisor on modern MIBS techniques and technology. Dr. Vernois will also spearhead a new publication dedicated to advancements in MIBS.

Dr. Vernois is a leading innovator in minimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques, with more than two decades of clinical, industry, and academic experience. He has pioneered multiple MIS procedures, including chevron osteotomies and midfoot and hindfoot techniques. Dr. Vernois advanced the state of minimally invasive distal bunion surgery in developing a novel technique and surgical implant, while setting the stage for continued innovation in the field. As a global educator and expert in training surgeons in MIS techniques, Dr. Vernois offers deep insight into both the newest MIBS procedures and the path to achieving reproducible results.

“Voom is a medical technology company founded by surgeons, for surgeons, and our work will benefit tremendously from Dr. Vernois’ perspective,” notes Dr. Neal Blitz, DPM, FACFAS, Voom Founder and CEO. “His expertise will not only help us drive surgical innovation – together, we’re working to advance the state of education and thought leadership in our field.”

Dr. Vernois will serve as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery (JMIBS), an open-access, free publication made possible by Voom. JMIBS is a resource for practicing surgeons who want to keep up with the most cutting-edge developments in MIBS procedures, technology, and practices. The journal is the first to focus on this rapidly evolving field of bunion repair.

“Minimally invasive bunion surgery is the future, and it is critical that there be publications dedicated to studying it, and to making that information accessible,” affirms Dr. Vernois. “This is where clinicians will go to both consume and provide the latest literature around MIBS. By streamlining how we share innovation, we are streamlining the process of innovation itself.”

Read the full press release on Business Wire.

Those interested in learning more about this emerging publication can visit the Journal of Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery. For comprehensive information about Voom Medical Devices and its revolutionary No-Fusion Bunion Solution™, and other innovations, please visit www.voommedicaldevices.com or contact [email protected].

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Voom Medical Devices, Inc. is a rapidly growing orthopedic medical device company specializing in innovative solutions for minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS). Founded in 2018, Voom is committed to advancing fusion-free bunion solutions, promoting surgical innovation, and ensuring the highest quality of patient care. Visit www.voomdevices.com to learn more.

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