No fusion Neutral pitch Patented for MIBS 

Enhance your technique and save time in the operating room with the Revcon screw system, featuring the new Revcon™ Anchor line — the only single-screw minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS) solution available. The patented Revcon™ Anchor includes additional features, such as multiple purchase zones that work with the bone’s natural density. Whichever solution you choose, the Revcon screw system is surgeon-designed to optimize fixation while reducing soft-tissue injury, for more consistent results.

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Revcon™ minimally invasive screw system. Patented design for enhanced healing.
Top Features
Patented Design
Reverse Conical Contour
Dual Purchase Zone Pitch
Bone model showing completed surgery and two-screw solution.

Classic two-screw metatarsal option

The structural solution for capturing cancellous bone.

Post surgery foot with minimal incisions.

Tiny incisions with minimal scarring

Aesthetic results your patients will want to show off.

Superior bone view showing Revcon™ Anchor single screw solution.

Groundbreaking single screw solution

Optimized for both cortical and cancellous fixation.

Two screw lines to fit your patient needs:


The classic two screw solution.

Consistent neutral cancellous pitch throughout provides a supportive healing scaffold.

Revcon™ Neutra screw line fully threaded screws

The exclusive single screw solution.

Targeted dual-zone neutral pitch designed to optimize cortical and cancellous fixation.

Revcon™ Anchor screw with dual-zone neutral pitch

Patented next-evolution¹ design for minimally invasive  bunion surgery.

The Revcon™ Anchor is positioned to become the single-screw MIBS implant of choice — but the entire Revcon™ line includes these bunion-specific features:

Close up view of Revcon™ screw reverse conical head.

Additional System Features

The screw sets come in gold and purple.t

Color coded screws + instruments: Matching screw and instrument colors improve surgical efficiency.

Screwdriver tip gliding into the revcon screw.

Proprietary, patent-pending insertion guide: Easily orients screw position to facilitate proper placement.

Matching set of ratchet screwdrivers.

Ratchet screwdriver handle: Thoughtful ergonomics enhance stability for fast, smooth insertion.

Profile of the revcon screw.

Anodized titanium alloy screw: Promotes osseointegration and is biocompatible.

1 Blitz N. Foot Ankle Quarterly. 2020; 31:181-191.

The Revcon™ Guided Instrumentation Tray

Full Revcon™ Screw System guided instrumentation tray
VDR01000Driver Hex 2.0mm2
VDR01001Driver Hex 2.5mm2
VDB01000Drill Bit 2.2mm x 60mm2
VDB01001Drill Bit 3.0mm x 60mm2
VKW01000Kwire 0.9mm6
VKW01001Kwire 1.4mm6
VDG01000Depth Gauge1
VHA01001Ratchet Screwdriver Handle1
VIN01001Beaver Handle1
VEL01000Elevator - Curved1
VEL01001Elevator - Straight1
VTR01000Revcon™ Sterilization Tray, Assembly1
Revcon™ Anchor screw detail & family views
Revcon™ Neutra screw detail & family views

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Voom Medical Devices Welcomes Dr. Joël Vernois as Advisor and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery (JMIBS)

February 01, 2024Business Wire

Voom Medical Devices Welcomes Dr. Joël Vernois as Advisor and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery (JMIBS)

Dr. Joël Vernois, a global authority on minimally invasive surgery, has joined the Voom leadership team. 

New opportunities for walking recoveries.

The Revcon screw system was designed for use in minimally invasive bone surgery, with a focus on foot and ankle procedures and bunion surgery. Our technology can help surgeons get their patients back on their feet quickly in most instances — even when they’ve had both feet corrected.* For patients with busy lifestyles, it can help them decide to move forward with surgery.

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*At surgeon’s discretion based on individual patient and case specifics. Please see Patient Risk Information for more detail.

Bunionplasty® patient in consultation with a surgeon.
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